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May 27, 2021


We are spotlighting our most recent Green Belt Graduate Erica Simpson!

Erica's Green Belt Project was to reduce the number of scanning errors for raw materials and finished goods products at her facility within 6 months; from 70 errors to less than 3 per week.

“Training is an essential piece of an organization's success,” says Jennifer Ralston, HKPO CEO. “But options to meet organizations with an effective program that yields real business results were not available. With Sensei On Demand, we've changed that. Companies and individuals can now use our platform to meet their continuous improvement training needs, while at the same time driving tangible results, wherever they are. We know how to prepare the workforce for continuous change, and it's with continuous learning and expert coaching that good employees turn into tomorrow's leaders.”

“I am on track to hit my target and my success is due to HKPO's Sensei On Demand Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Program.”

Erica Simpson - Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt

HKPO has been serving organizations for 15 years with continuous improvement and operational excellent training and consulting services, with a unique understanding of the challenges companies face when on their journey to excellence. Sensei On Demand is the latest solution to bring companies the tools they need, with the features, microlearning, and accessibility that makes employee and leadership training ideal for the modern workforce.

Combining microlearning best practices, an engaging virtual community called The Sensei On Demand Pond, gamification opportunities, coaching and mentoring sessions, and an on-going engagement track, Sensei On Demand is a user-friendly online platform and service that enables employees the flexibility to quickly learn new skills, build relationships with their peers and industry experts, while continuing to grow. The offering will be available to both organizations and individuals looking to make their Lean Six Sigma training more enjoyable and encouraging real business changes concurrently.

Simpson stated:

“We were able to create 3 auto-generated reports so I could see the number of scans and the number of errors to catch them quickly. With the new greenbelt tools in my toolbelt, I was able to successfully achieve a significant reduction in the scan errors within 4 months; 70 errors to less than 5 per week.”

Erica and her team were able to pinpoint exactly where they needed improvements and where they had breakdowns.