Reinvention Bootcamp

Many businesses have been forced to pivot in today’s New Work World in order to meet their customers’ changing needs. COVID-19 has turned car manufacturers into ventilator producers and haute couture fashion designers into mask makers. In truth, if you haven’t been forced to change the way you do business, you might need to take a closer look at your customers and find out if what they need from you has changed. In short, reinvention may be in your future.

HKPO’s Reinvention Boot Camp will help you redefine your business to pivot quickly and bring your customers more value. The two-day virtual workshop is led Innovation Expert Craig Higton, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who spent 16 years as an officer in the Royal Air Force before making the switch to corporate innovation and improvement consultant.

Day one of your Reinvention Bootcamp will focus on defining your value proposition while getting buy-in from key stakeholders. During day two, Craig and your team will develop a business management system based on the work done and decisions made the day before.

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