Pandemic Playbook

The thought of opening up your doors and getting your employees back to work is not only an exciting prospect, but an overwhelming one. The best practices and processes you had in place to keep your office working and employees safe are no longer enough. HKPO is here to help. Our design innovation and process improvement experts have developed a new offering, the “Pandemic Playbook,” to bring your employees back in the door seamlessly and safely.

Over two-days of collaboration with your key process owners, HKPO will work with your team to develop a company specific “Pandemic Playbook” designed to maximize efficiency and keep your talent safe on the job. The Playbook includes:

  • Communication Plan
  • Virtual Training
  • Team Huddles/Daily Stand-Ups
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Visual Management
  • Standard Work Playbook
  • Employee Engagement Idea
  • Checklists
  • Leadership Messaging for Business Continuity

Anticipating and answering staff questions about such topics as social distancing, facial coverings and daily temperature testing, will ensure everyone in your office is informed and comfortable with new office procedures. Your “Pandemic Playbook” will act as your guide for managing expectations and roadmap for navigating your “New Work World.”

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