Michelle Casto
Mindful Leadership Coach
Michelle Casto is a Mindful Leader Coach who brings Alignment Protocols to Business Strategy and Change Management. Michelle has a 25-year background in the field of adult education, peak performance, and professional coaching. She excels at helping executives manage “power stress” so that they can access clarity, vision, and empowerment – even when the organization is undergoing a major evolution.

Her PhD. was a literature review of the Science of Success, where she discovered a positive correlation between coaching, mindset, and results. A passionate advocate for empowerment, Michelle helps her clients Thrive both personally and professionally, by employing a potent combination of intuitive, innovative, and strategic success methodologies. She is also the author of 8 books on the topics of self-empowerment and life/career success.


  • Human Potential- Mindset and Motivation
  • Research & Writing
  • Business Strategy: Vision and Execution
  • Brand Positioning


  • Consulting/Professional Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Small Business
  • Virtual and E-learning